Gotta love Oxytocin !

It has been a very long time since I blogged ! I guess I have rediscovered the pleasure I find in writing and the head space to do it.

I recently penned an article on a topic that lights me up about the hormones of birth in particular, Oxytocin, what a marvelous molecule often misunderstood, obscure yet powerful. So powerful in fact, that it can change our perceptions and realities into adulthood. It is the blueprint for our future selves and how we interact with other human beings.

For persons who are pregnant or a partner/significant other to someone that is going to give birth Oxytocin plays multiple roles and is essential follow the link below to read about our super chemical messengers and how they can help YOU through pregnancy labour birth and bonding as a family unit.


Oxytocin our hormonal helper

We need more Oxytocin  in this fast paced and digital world – and it is relatively easy to generate.


Face to Face contact

Touch – Massage


Shared  ‘Hygge’  moments with friends



Happy reading x





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