Christmas is upon us. I am sat writing this paragraph by candlelight  (by choice not because my electricity is off ! ). I have just remembered the odd bits that I have forgotten to buy in but unlike years gone by I will not be trudging around the shops to get them.

Of course everyone’s thoughts turn to another new year and I am no different I have several goals but my main aim is to plan my adventure in my camper ! Certain things have to be put in place before I can load the dogs and myself up and set off down the road with no strict time frame, destination,itinary or plans .I want to go on an adventure learning along the way !

The anniversary of my dad’ s death looms on New Years Day I think he would be pleased with my plan – he lived ‘off grid’ on a boat in the Sea of Cortez and my mum has recently sold her house to live and travel in her camper at the age of 71- it must be in the genes !

Merry Christmas and a happy new year 😁😁

Published by

The Menopausal Maverick

Making changes and aspiring camper van traveller! a menopausal maverick moving upwards and onwards 😊

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