My name is Tracy and I made the decision recently to blog – I am completely new to blogging and I am finding my way around the site at the moment.

So a little about me.. I am fast approaching 50, I don’t quite know how that happened so fast it seems one minute I was pushing my kids around in a pushchair, the next i was dealing with stroppy teenagers – now i am a grandmother.

I have had to slowly come to terms with the hands of time going so fast.

In my dim and distant past I was married to a childhood sweetheart, then divorced and brought up my two children (boys) alone they were both under three at the time. With no driving license, no real training, formal education and no money, my prospects at the time seemed pretty dismal ! I undertook some counselling and it seemed to spur me on to act. Within ten years I had passed my test , trained as a holistic therapist set up a business, closed it, went to University earned a first class honors degree in Midwifery practiced for four years then decided to return to University to train to be a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse and Prescriber, After some hiccups i passed and earned my Msc. PgDip and got a post in practice.

During this time I had success, failures, trials and tribulations a cancelled wedding !

Then in 2016, my father who lived in Mexico on a boat, came home to the UK to be diagnosed  with a rare aggressive cancer, he could not return to his life there and so I gave up my job to look after the man that looked after me, his deterioration was profound on every level. The distress was immense and left me physically and emotionally destroyed but most of all with crippling FEAR and anxiety about the fragility and unfairness of life . He had worked hard for years to get his dream in Mexico, his dream lasted fourteen months.

So i didn’t go back into my job, instead I used all my skills sets, knowledge and more training  to conceive and develop  a business idea, it has manifested into s small business still in its infancy but my aim is NOT to be a slave to it to earn money but to enjoy my time here and now !

My aim is to develop on line services for antenatal preparation for birth and parenting education and Menopausal support hoping this will provide a small income whilst I travel with no strict plan, in my camper with my dogs and allow myself to adventure, to please myself , to grow and be the best version of myself.