Hello to you !

I felt inspired to begin blogging firstly as my own experiences have inspired me to share my trials and tribulations plans and aspirations -then meeting and talking to other women I quickly realised; that at a certain time of life after it has taught us heartbreak ,tough times ,overcoming challenges and gratitude (this may be at any age) these events are universal, experienced and dealt with differently by us all .Personally I got the impression that culture and society was giving a sly wink and hinting that life was on the wind down from here on in ! Stale relationships, jobs, careers,attitudes almost enslaving you mentally. Our society may not appreciative mature female wisdom or physical appearances BUT actually possess a wealth of goodies not just for others but for OURSELVES !

‘To strong women,may we know them,may we raise  them,may we BE them  💕”

I like that quote – my blog may not be professionally done or even crude at times but I want it to open honest and real . I plan to write perhaps weekly or fortnightly and in the New Year making plans for travel  (Alone yikes !! ) and setting up an online (Skype perhaps) support service for those experiencing CHANGES be it physical emotional mental spiritual . Be good to yourselves x







Published by

The Menopausal Maverick

Making changes and aspiring camper van traveller! a menopausal maverick moving upwards and onwards 😊

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