Sick and tired, of being sick and tired !

Part of the reason for this blog is to inspire others for change. For the last year I have been through some huge life changes – a relationship break up, a massive change in career direction and creating a new business from scratch plus grieving for my dad who died almost one year ago on New Years Day.

All this has left me overweight, constant aches and pains, disturbed sleep, digestion problems, extreme heartburn, dry patchy skin, anxiety, poor motivation and hot flushes.

I was a birth doula for a woman and her husband and stayed with them postnatally for a few days and they introduced me to the research and evidence behind promoting your microbiome and gut health. I had read some things around it and knew that Serotonin (the happy chemical) thought to be produced by your brain is actually produced in the gut (90%) and a small amount in the brain( the remaining 10%), this research, questions traditional methods of dealing with depression and anxiety.

The gut bacteria effects all bodily systems and if it should be over colonized by Candida, that thrives off sugar wheat and alcohol this can lead to gas, bloating, cravings and malaise. I was tired of feeling sick and tired all the time ! I wanted myself back my muscles were stiff and i felt uncomfortable with my hefty body. So i decided to invest in ME .

After some research online for a few weeks taking Pro Argy 9 to boost up my circulation and vitamins and minerals with amino acids then  I bought a Microbiome  Purify Kit , it wasn’t cheap, but as they offer your money back within 90 days if you are not satisfied i thought i would go for it. In a way purchasing the kit made me even more determined to see through the 21 day program. I hadn’t gone 24 hours let alone 21 days without sugar, wheat, caffeine or booze so i knew it was going to be a challenge.

I am not finished yet, 5 days to go,  I had to write about this because of the results i have experienced. The first thing to go was indigestion and heartburn it has not returned. My dry red skin patches went after the first 4-5 days. Head fog gone, energy, this to me is the best bit ! has returned along with mental clarity. I have boosted my confidence and my resolve because I have said NO for a while to let my body reboot and it has responded.

Now that I am beginning to get myself back i can tackle other things, like my weight this 21 days has taught me that i may have those things that actually don’t agree with me in large quantities but i can enjoy with balance.

If you would like to know more comment or follow the link for info about the research etc







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2 thoughts on “Sick and tired, of being sick and tired !”

  1. I can relate to some the elements in this article Tracy. Well done and keep it going. Nothing ventured nothing gained……x


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